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Gifted Assessment Tool, Part I  Requires knowledge of earliest milestones. Assesses mostly intellectual abilities.

Gifted Assessment Tool, Part II  Requires knowledge of children's early milestones. Assesses various kinds of creative abilities

Gifted Assessment Tool, Part III  A different kind of assessment. No early knowledge of child is required. Assesses mostly school-age abilities, but not only academic.

Research Information Form  If you use one or more of the above assessment tools, and wish to add to the research on these tools, please fill out this form. If you put your email address on the assessment tools, it will be used to connect this form up to those results.

These assessment tools are strictly for research. None of these questionnaires have been scientifically validated in any way, though the majority of individual questions have been gleaned from a variety of research. If you answer the questions, and receive the resulting "score" you must understand that it is NOT something you could take to a school and show as "proof" of giftedness. Any high or low resulting scores may be interesting, and may even be accurate, but must be considered "random" and " inconsequential," from a scientific point of view. That said, high scores might help encourage parents to pursue professional psycho-educational testing of their potentially gifted child. Low scores should never be used to "prove" that a child ought not be tested.

At the end of Parts I, II, and II, there are a handful of questions to help in research.  No personally identifying information is necessary, or will be gathered, unless you provide it. After completing each part of the OGAT, please do submit your results to become part of the research base. There will be a "submit" button to click, on each page. When you are finished, if you wish to add more information to the research base (much appreciated!!) please fill out the Research Information Form .



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