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The Myth of the Gifted...

To many, giftedness means a person has a special level of intelligence, which somehow makes them better than others. The myth then continues, and accuses any program devoted to the development of the gifted, of elitism, since it is expected that the gifted can take care of themselves, and extra help is just heaping unfair advantage onto unfair advantage.

The Reality...

Gifted people do have special needs. While a person may be brilliant in the area of their gifts, rarely is a person gifted across the board. Gifted people often have difficulties in school, relationships, work, life in general. The gifted are likely to suffer from the frustrating ability to imagine the world in general, and their lives in particular, much greater than they are. Everything about the gifted makes them more complex. And gifted people need help navigating and succeeding in that complex life.


Why do the gifted have special needs?

People take in experience at different rates. Gifted people take in more, compared to their age and ability to process that experience. Taking in so much more than those around them results in the gifted becoming highly sensitive and emotionally vulnerable. These extra-sensitivities are described in the article "The Funnel and Cylinder Theory of Giftedness." 

How can counseling help? Talking with someone who understands the profound emotional needs, appetites, and frustrations that come with being gifted is something all gifted people need. Too often, people with intellectual, creative, physical, spiritual, or emotional gifts are misunderstood, disparaged or neglected. All people benefit from emotional support and good counsel. Yet the more exceptional an individual is, the less likely she or he has satisfactorily experienced either. Working with someone who specializes in counseling the gifted can help a gifted person learn to appreciate and be comfortable with their gifts and their limitations.

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Gifted Links

Hoagies Gifted Education Page   This site is at the top of the list for good reason.  Start here for articles and links to most of what you want to know about Gifted issues. Extensive link and information site by Carolyn K.

Talent Development Resources  If creativity is your interest, start here. "Perspectives on developing multiple talents and exceptional ability, information and inspiration to enhance creative expression.' Website by Douglas Eby.

Recognizing Giftedness in Adults  Self-administered questionnaire to help adults recognize giftedness in themselves.

Hoagies Gifted Identification   Possibly the best set of links regarding How and Why to identify giftedness.

GDC Recognizing Giftedness in Young Children  An excellent article by Linda Silverman giving lots of specific examples of giftedness observed in children under 5.

UVA (University of Virginia) Gifted Database and Resources

SAT scores for 7th and 8th graders  SAT Program data provide important information about test characteristics, prediction, validity, and reliability. Lots of info on this page for all SAT takers.

GT-disable FAQ     The ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education (ERIC EC) 

Resource Group for Gifted and LD Articles By Tammy Ellston
Reprinted with permission from "Gifted Child Today" v16, n1, p17-19, January/February, 1993
A terrific article with an annoying patterned backdrop making it difficult to read. Try copying the article into a word processing program to read it easier.

Gifted Development Center   Linda Silverman's Gifted Development Center  website.
"A service of the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development. "

Other Web Sites on Gifted Education  This is the link page from the Fairfax County Association of the Gifted (FCAG) "Raising Education Quality for All Students Through G/T Advocacy. FCAG is a non-profit advocacy group supporting differentiated education for gifted and talented students enrolled in  Fairfax County schools."

FCPS Gifted and Talented homepage   Fairfax County Public Schools site

Hollingworth Center Home Page Lots of good information, articles,  and links

LD OnLine: Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities  A good article on the subject. The rest of LD OnLine can be accessed from this page, and there is lots of good stuff there.

Wrightslaw - Special Education Law  Parents, advocates, educators, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for accurate, up-to-date information about effective advocacy for children with disabilities.


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